Pengaruh Putusan Nomor 22/Puu-Xv/2017 Terhadap Penerbitan Dispensasi Nikah Di Pengadilan Agama Limboto

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Fibriyanti Karim
Nur Mohamad Kasim
Duke Arie Widagdo


This study aims to determine and analyze the effect of decision No.22 / PUU-XV / 2017 on the issuance of marriage dispensations in the Limboto Religious Court. The research method used is juridical normative with a law approach and case approach. Sources of legal material are primary legal sources and supplementary legal sources and use legal interpretation analysis. The results of this study are the Constitutional Court's decision No. 22 / PUU-XV / 2017 which results in ratification of Law Number 16 of 2019 concerning Marriage and changes in the content of Article 7 paragraph (1) concerning the age limit for child marriage to 19 (nineteen) years for men and women, not as temporary - necessarily have an influence in reducing the number of requests and issuance of marriage dispensation certificates in the Limboto Religious court.

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