Status Tanah Wakaf Melalui Perjanjian Di Bawah Tangan Kota Gorontalo (Studi Kasus Masjid Al-Qamar Jl. Rambutan)

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Fatimah Fitra Djafar
Nur Mohamad Kasim
Johan Jasin


The purpose of this study was to analyze the substance of the regulation of waqf land in Dungingi District and determine the government's efforts in resolving waqf land disputes in Dungingi District. The research method used is empirical law with a qualitative approach. The results of the study are Law No. 41 of 2004 concerning Waqf that land segregation must be separated and the next process is to form a waqf pledge deed which has been facilitated by the minister of religion to apply to the National Land Agency and issue a waqf land certificate so after fulfilling the conditions and filling out an application letter then it is only awaiting the process of the name of the waqf object is the name of the mosque, then the Minister and the Indonesian Waqf Board administer the registration of the waqf property, after recording the property in the land book and the certificate, the relevant Nazar must report to the official appointed by the Minister of Religion

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